How do I access the Chaplain?

Every Student at BCC has the opportunity to access the College Chaplain. If you or your student would like to accesss the College chaplain we encourage you to:

Primary - Speak with the classroom teacher or Primary Coordinator
Secondary - Speak with the Secondary Coordinator

Parent/guardian consent is a requirement for ongoing time with the College chaplain.

The importance if Mental Health

Mental health holds paramount importance during the primary and secondary years of education, as these developmental stages lay the foundation for lifelong well-being. In the formative years of primary education, children are building the cognitive, emotional, and social skills that will shape their personalities and abilities. Nurturing positive mental health at this stage sets the tone for healthy self-esteem, effective coping mechanisms, and the capacity to build strong relationships.

Moving into secondary education, the challenges become more complex as adolescents grapple with academic pressures, social dynamics, and self-identity. Fostering mental health during this time is crucial for equipping students with resilience, stress management skills, and the ability to navigate challenges constructively. Addressing mental health in both primary and secondary years not only enhances academic performance but also promotes emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-awareness, ultimately empowering students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally throughout their lives.