It is with great excitement that we introduce our BCC Wellbeing Team!

BCC aims to prioritise the holistic development and welfare of our students. The Wellbeing Team is comprised of skilled professionals who are passionate about fostering a positive and nurturing environment for our students, staff, and families.

The goal of the Wellbeing Team is to promote the emotional, social, and mental health of our students. We aim to create an atmosphere where students feel safe, supported, and can thrive academically and personally. Through a range of initiatives and programs, we hope to address the diverse needs of our college community and provide resources to enhance overall wellbeing.

Key objectives of the Wellbeing Team include:

  • Mental Health Support: Offering confidential counselling services for students facing emotional or psychological challenges. Additionally, supporting referrals to community health or mental health services where required.
  • Social-Emotional Learning Programs: implementing initiatives that focus on developing essential life skills such as resilience, empathy, and self-awareness.
  • Parental Involvement: Engaging parents in discussions and workshops to provides them with tools and resources to support their child’s wellbeing at home.
  • Community Building: Creating a positive and inclusive College culture through events, activities, and awareness campaigns.
  • Collaboration: Working closely with educators to integrate wellbeing into the curriculum and classroom environment. Working closely with community support services and making it easier for families to access existing services.
  • Biblical Values & Literacy: Supporting Chapel services and Biblical learning in the classroom. Providing pastoral care and support for staff, students, and their families.

Referral Process


All services are provided within school hours and are voluntary which means students can choose to participate or to withdraw from services at any time. The Wellbeing Team provides short-medium term support, and the team can support referrals to other support services if required.


The Wellbeing Team support is free and confidential during school hours which means anything students talk to us about will not be discussed without student permission. Should any student be in danger of hurting themselves or someone else, then we are mandated to inform the parents and/or guardians and the Principal. Where possible and with student consent, it is our aim to partner with families.

We work hard to support our students and we recognise that families are one of the key supports for many young people. We always seek the permission of students and encourage them to discuss their concerns with their families, although some students find this extremely difficult