About Our School

Bairnsdale Christian Community School is dedicated to teaching students within a loving and caring environment. Our teaching method is grounded within a biblical context, pulling teaching and wisdom from the Christian worldview.

Bairnsdale Christian Community School is...

More than a school, it is a community. A community of parents, teachers, grandparents, friends and students. BCCS is a learning community focused on helping each child grow and develop to their full potential in every aspect of their lives. We celebrate each child’s uniqueness and desire to help each child develop their own unique gifts and personal qualities.

We believe each child is created to thrive in life and influence the world around them. Just as each child is an individual so is their learning adventure. Bringing their unique mix of passions and skills, each child joins a community of learners and professionals and engage in broad learning opportunities. As BCCS learners, we are growing and learning to become knowledgeable, resilient, thinkers, leaders, communicators, problem solvers, creative, compassionate, discerning, risk-takers, responsive and balanced.

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Our vision is to graduate young people of enduring Christian character who will influence their world.


Our School is a vibrant community partnering with parents to educate, nurture and equip their children to the highest standard so they shine wherever they are, discovering their unique gifts and serving God significantly and passionately in a complex world.


Bairnsdale Christian Community School holds to the three shared core values of love, wisdom and integrity which are woven through all that is done in the School from the boardroom through to the classroom. These values describe both how we conduct ourselves while members of the School and the qualities of character that will be needed by students when they leave our School to participate in complex life roles.

We Value


“Being recognised for our love of God, people and the environment.”

We encourage our students to understand that love is a conscious choice to value each individual, actioned by placing the needs of others before one's own, being supportive and encouraging, and respecting the perspective of others.

We Value


“Being able to understand the world and life from a Biblical perspective.”

We encourage our students to pursue, with humility, their personal best in all spheres of life. Growing intellectually, physically, socially, personally and spiritually through applying Wisdom in the choices and decisions they make as they discover God’s word and purposes.

We Value


“Displaying the Godly characteristics of honesty, faithfulness and justice.”

Our students are respectful by choosing to see the best in others, and valuing authenticity and honesty within themselves.