College Uniform

The aim at Bairnsdale Christian College is to have the students present themselves in an acceptable and pleasing manner. Complete correct uniform is expected to be worn at all times whilst attending the college. This standard will be expected whilst travelling to and from the college or while at any event outside the college where it is being represented.

General Appearance

Hair: All students are required to wear their hair in a style and manner approved by the college. Hair is to be kept neat and tidy and extremes in style and colouring are to be avoided. Hair of shoulder length or longer should be tied back with either maroon, royal blue or navy. Lace is not acceptable.

Jewellery: Students with pierced ears may wear one set of matching plain studs or small sleepers in the lower ear lobe, no more than one earring per ear is permitted. No other piercing or tattooing is permitted. Students may wear a watch. No other jewellery is permitted.

Other: Nail polish and make up are not permitted to be worn at school. Student's finger nails are to be kept at a reasonable and safe length.


Please see our Primary Uniform List.


Please see our Secondary Uniform List.