Are you looking for a different approach to years 7 & 8 for your children, LAUNCH is for you!

The Idea

LAUNCH is an exciting new learning program that will better prepare our young people for the learning of the future. It will enable them to leap into further learning with the confidence and resilience required for success today and in life beyond the formal years of school.

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For Young People who are looking to enrol in our LAUNCH program, it will be a year where learning is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum Year 7 & 8 achievement standards.

The learning environment will be designed to respond to the current social contexts, where young people, especially in the initial years of secondary learning need to belong in a community, feel safe, be seen and grow in their skills to thrive in learning.

LAUNCH will empower young people to learn across cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual domains.

Imagine If We...


Empowering and developing resilient learners in a safe and nurturing environment.


Unlocking potential and sparking dreams through real world experiences.


Moving through years 7 & 8 curriculum with a future focus.

If you would like to know more about LAUNCH, talk to a school who listens and is interested in how your young person is travelling with their learning.

If you think LAUNCH is right for your young

person's next step, we encourage you take one of the following actions:

Contact us with questions, requests and interest.

Book an appointment with one of our LAUNCH Teachers.

5153 0079