What do I do if my child is absent?

Parents play a pivotal role in ensuring their child's educational journey by using tools like Compass to communicate vital information to the College. With the user-friendly platform of Compass, parents are empowered to enter attendance notes, providing the College with timely updates about their child's absence. This streamlined process not only enhances transparency but also enables the school to maintain accurate attendance records. By promptly sharing reasons for absences, parents contribute to the overall educational environment's integrity, helping educators keep track of students' well-being and progress.

The significance of clear communication cannot be overstated, as unexplained absences may raise concerns about a student's safety or engagement in learning. The College's commitment to student welfare is evident in its proactive approach to addressing unexplained attendances. Regular follow-ups throughout the week serve as a vital safety net, allowing the school to swiftly identify any potential issues and take appropriate actions. This proactive stance reflects the College's dedication to ensuring every student's presence and well-being within the educational community.