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Live with Zest

   Friday 28th February, 2020

News Report

By Anna and Tanna

Roz told us that when we are with dogs, we feel great. We took turns
feeding the dogs and giving them treats. Roz visits people from all ages
with her dogs and they all enjoy it. Each dog has their own preferred
squeaky toy. We loved throwing Rafa and Flash their toys. Roz told us,
“My dogs dress like superheroes because they are wellbeing dogs; people
love having them around” she decided they are zestful superheroes.

When the dogs were here we could relax and feel their soft hair on our
cheeks. This was a special experience particularly as we have all had a
very disrupted summer. School has provided us with many exciting and
normal learning experiences but having Rafa and Flash here provided us
with time to enjoy connecting and being in the moments.

Thank you Roz, Rafa and Flash, with a unanimous voice, all our school
would love for you to come back for another visit.