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Government Funding For 3-Year-Old Kinder 2021

   Tuesday 23rd June, 2020

To dream big, our kids need the best start in life.

Starting 2021 the Victorian Government is bringing funding to East Gippsland, allowing for low to no fees for 3-year-old Kindergarten!


If you are looking for positions in our 3-year-old kinder
please get connected with us and enrol.

More about Kindergarten

Research shows that play-based learning is a powerful way to support children’s development. And these benefits last into the school years and beyond. The evidence also shows that two years are better than one when it comes to early learning.

A quality kindergarten program will have more of an impact for children who start at age 3 rather than 4. The benefits are even greater for children who are in vulnerable circumstances.

Young children learn about the world through play. It gives children the opportunity to use their imagination and practise important skills. It also helps their social and emotional development, and wellbeing.

In a kindergarten program, children use play to build their language skills and learn about numbers and patterns. They also learn how to get along with others, share, listen, and manage their emotions. Teachers and educators help children become curious, creative and confident about learning.

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