Parent Pocket

Welcome to the Parent Pocket. This pocket is full of fun, educational resources designed help you avoid statements such as "I'm bored" and "there's nothing to do". Take a look at the links below.


Stuckers is a Youtube channel for kids stuck at home who are looking for some fun activities away from screens. There are daily challenges for kids in all levels of primary school.


STEMPunks is a fantastic website where you can find free educational programs for your children.

Let your child be engaged and educated in STEM at home by professional teachers. Our award winning Classes are designed by leading innovators to enable a mindset of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are an extremely useful tool for kids. It is a great way to connect with wildlife, the past and science without taking a road trip. We have selected just a few for you here to explore!

The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project is here to provide families with easy to implement learning activities and digital content linked to The Resilience Project’s key principles; Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy.

Please follow the link below to find some of their inspiring and crazy videos.

Community Competitions

See the links below to find the competitions in our community. Dive right in and submit your entries, who knows you might just win!


Draw a picture/write a story competition. Let your mind run wild! Draw a picture or wirte a story about a curious creature that you have seebn, would like to see, or have imagined.

First prize - $50 book voucher
Second prize - $30 book voucher
Third prize - $20 book voucher

Entries must be submitted to Bairnsdale library by Friday 9th of October.

Bush Blitz Scavenger Hunt

Bush Blitz is Australia’s largest species discovery program. Since Bush Blitz started taking taxonomists on expeditions in 2010, the program has discovered more than 1700 new species across Australia. Now all Australians can get involved through the Backyard Species Discovery citizen science expedition.

Find plants or animals listed on the Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Record what you find

Add your observations to the Backyard Species Discovery project on iNaturalist.

If you would like something that the whole family can get into, check out our community mini-games and show us what you can do.