Return To Onsite Learning

We're excited to see you all again!

We are excited to have all our students back on campus once again!
All students will be allowed to return to school on the Monday the 12th of October. Some things have changed and school will look a little bit different. We are encouraging all our families to familiarise themselves with the following important information.

New Time Timetable

During this time we have explored the on and off-campus learning model and have now implemented some of the successful elements in order to improve our day-to-day learning school wide. Listed below is a new school timetable, which aims to allow students to ease back into the school life, while simultaneously making improvements to the overall schooling ecosystem.


Although classrooms are exempt from strict social distancing rules, other large gatherings will not occur unless the School receives advice that these measures have been relaxed. These include all major gatherings such as:

• Assemblies
• Sporting events
• Excursions/Camps
• Non-essential staff gatherings

The AHPPC’s advice is that the use of play equipment by children in a school setting is unlikely to appreciably [significantly] increase the risk of exposure to the virus when compared with other activities undertaken in schools. For this reason, the School will continue to allow access to play equipment, and encourage students to practice good hygiene and physical distancing.

Click here for more info on AHPPC.

Hygiene Practices

Students will be encouraged and reminded about:

• The need for washing hands and hygiene practices;
• Refraining from sharing stationery items;
• Refraining from sharing food and drinks; and
• Bringing their own water bottle
• The need for social distancing.

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser will be made available near the entrance areas of school buildings and classrooms.

Reminders for Students

The following are important points for all students to keep in mind when returning to school:

• Bring your own water bottle (bubbler taps have been turned off for hygiene reasons)
• Remember to wash your hands regularly
• If you are feeling unwell, tell your teacher or guardian
• School is going to be a little bit different, please talk to your teacher if you are unsure about what is happening

Unwell Students & Staff

Students who have a family member who is unwell or who are unwell themselves should stay at home. Similarly, staff who are unwell will also be required to remain at home. Parents/carers will be contacted to collect their child if they appear unwell while they are at school. Students should not return to school until they are well and symptom free.

We wish to keep the school a safe environment for all students and staff. The school will be conducting temperature checks on all students and staff entering the premises.

Message for parents: if your child is sick, they must not go to school. You must keep them at home and away from others. Remember to maintain physical distancing from other parents and teachers when attending school, including when dropping off and picking up your children.
Message for children: tell your parent, guardian or teacher if you are feeling sick.
Message for teachers: do not come to work if you are sick or in a vulnerable person category.
Message for all adults: the greatest risk of transmission in the school environment is between adults. It is of [utmost] importance that teachers and parents alike maintain physical distancing between themselves and each other at school.

If you would like more information or details including our 4 step return plan, please refer to our 'Return to School Action Plan' document here.

Please if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We are here to help you and the students in this transition.

Here is a handy document to help explain the virus to children.

Try this if your child is struggling to express their feelings.

Andrew Fuller: Seven things for a smooth transition back to school-based learning

The following is a summary of Andrew Fuller's (a clinical psychologist specialising in the well-being of young people and their families) seven things to help with a smooth transition back into schools. If you would like to read the whole article, please follow this link.

Point 1: The Sleep Cycle

Sleep changes are a common effect of the recent times. It is time to re-establish a more usual sleep cycle.

Getting your sleep cycle back into sync with the school and work day improves learning and mental health.

Point 2: Can't Wait to See You

One of the main things that helps us all to transition back is knowing there is someone there who is wanting to see us. We all look forward to catching up with good people and having some fun.

Point 3: Safe and Certain

We are all in the care of one another. There needs to be a clear understanding that we intend to keep everyone safe and well and have planned as much as we can, for this outcome.

In these times, ambiguity is our enemy and will increase anxiety. Clarity is our friend.

Point 4: Restart the year

We are not looking at a resumption of the year. Most of us have had quite enough of 2020 already. What we are looking for is a whole fresh start. During the turbulence, priorities and lives have been re-structured. Social connections have changed.

We will all need a few practice runs before we feel we can safely regain our full stride.

Point 5: Plan for the Future

Given that the shape of the year has changed more than any of us expected, we need to plan for success.

Point 6: Less is Really More

It is understandable that some people will feel in a rush to make up for the time and opportunities missed in the early part of the year.

While we are back in business, easy does it. Taking our time now to slowly rebuild a sense of success will pay off.

Point 7: Review

About five weeks after the resumption of school-based learning, we need to schedule time to review the process of re-integration.

The results of this review will enable us to shift to the next phase of the year: transformation.