BCC Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten

As a Christian kindergarten, our main goals are: to encourage the children to have a relationship with God; to continually develop this relationship; and to be challenged to respond to Him in faith and obedience. We believe that the family has the God-given task of raising and educating their children to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to follow the teachings of the Bible.

The two basic principles that govern our kindergarten are:

  • We support the parents role in educating their children, and
  • In all areas of life, (in this case education) we are guided by biblical principles.

Therefore, whether at home or kindergarten, parents and educators will endeavour to work in harmony to educate each child. This harmony will be evident in the Christian attitudes, principles and values fostered in our Kindergarten. Our aim is to nurture your child in their relationship with God and His direction for their life.

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Our Program

The kindergarten aims to provide a holistic educational experience, preparing each child for school spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, while giving them a love of learning.

Every child is different and therefore they learn in different ways and at different rates. To cater for the needs of every child the kindergarten program is based on observations of the children, the children’s interests, parental suggestions, and the staff members understanding of developmental progress. The kindergarten program is changed on a weekly basis and is available for parents to view at any time.

More information can be found
in our Kindergarten Information Booklet