Let's connect as a community!

We have created some fun challenges for you and your family to participate in. Check out our community Facebook page to see all the creations, ideas and fun.

Escape Rooms

Can you escape these online rooms faster than everyone else? Use your spy skills to decipher codes, find patterns and find your way out! Perfect for the whole family to work together.

Make sure you time your escape and let us know how you did! Find them all here.


Show us your skill by landing an incredible trick-shot that defies explanation. Bounce off objects, fly through the air, use a hairdryer! Whatever you do, post it to our community page to show us your skill!

Dont know what a trick-shot is or just need some ideas, check out this video.

Product Design

What is that one thing you wish you had but nobody seems to have invented yet? Well now is your chance to get creative and design it! Find something that needs a solution, and use whatever means nessasary to reach your goal!

Don't forget to share your design. Or maybe even build it!

Makeshift Band

There are so many things in a house that will create sound. Can you find what will make the most beautiful melodies? Once you have your makeshift instruments, get the family together and give us your best beat!

Maybe even try with family or friends over video conference. You can find some inspiration here.

Dance Party

Get your stage together, set up some lights, turn your favourite music up loud, It's time to dance! Maybe in your living room or in the backyard, wherever you are. Grab everyone together and choreograph some moves! Get creative with it.

Record your concert and upload it to the community. Not only is it fun, but it's healthy too!

My Kitchen Rules

Getting a little snackish? Feel like a bit of a cheeky dessert? Get the ingredients together and cook up a storm. Bake, sauté, sear, braise, make a salad, or even just microwave. Remember presentation, you eat with your eyes first!

Once you have finished your culinary creation, take a picture and share the recipe!

Story Telling

Once upon a time... Do you have a creative mind? Find yourself day dreaming all the time? Pull those ideas out of your head and get them down on paper. Write a short story about anything and everything! What adventure will we go on today?

Share your story with us on the community Facebook!

Origami Master

Everyone has paper, but do you have dexterity? Origami is an ancient practice, can you handle it in this modern world? Make some animals, make an airplane, build a bridge! Try something new this weekend.

If you are looking for instructions, you can find some good ones here.

Lego Master

If you have never played with it or are a seasoned veterin. Grab your LEGO and get creating! Build a room, a house, town, city or world, its completely up to you! Let no brick stand in your way from building your own reality.

Take a phot or video and share it with us! Here are some ideas.

Rube Goldberg

Have you ever seen a Rube Goldberg machine in action? You probably have, even if you didn’t know what it was. A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption that uses a chain reaction to carry out a simple task. It performs a very basic job in a complicated way. Don't let the overall task confuse you, just go section by section.

Here is a video for some ideas.

Creative Choice

This one is a bit more open than the rest. All we want on this one is just art of any sort, made out of anything, leaves, paint, rubbish, stones it's up to you. Show us something abstract or a familiy portait, anythings on the table!

Take a photo and send it in for the community to see your beautiful work!

We hope we have inspired you to have FUN with your family.